Primal Alexander is a groundbreaking new approach to teaching the Alexander technique. It was developed by Mio Morales who trained with Dr. Frank Pierce Jones and Marjorie Barstow both of whom trained with Mr. Alexander himself in the 1930s and 40s. Mio has been teaching the Alexander technique for over 40 years and Is pioneering the teaching of the Technique over the internet.

Manuel Olivares is Mio Morales´ trainee and is currently working to make this subject applied and known worldwide.

The practice of TheCyCle (TM) will continue every Friday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time from this coming 4/26/19 on through my personal Facebook page:


The rules for practicing TheCyCle (TM) correctly are the following:

  1. Remember the question: Where is there something free (less tense) in my body?
  2. Keep in mind the purpose: to know if something happens to us during practice
  3. Do not transform question sets into assertion sets
  4. Do not try to answer questions directly

To take Primal Alexander (TM) classes, register at contacto@manuelolivares.com  or by phone / whatsapp +56987767767, or simply enter the following information:


Kind regards to all

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